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What we offer

Technical Know-how

Our product suite is the most complete on the market and is constantly being improved through continuous research and development in the field of machine learning, artificial intelligence and BPO.

Passion, innovation

Our success is the result of our commitment and dedication. Our most innovative ideas come from our passion.

Agility and flexibility

Time is important to us, therefore we want to grow our business while paying attention to work-life balance. For this reason, we have always supported smart working.

Opportunity for growth

The company grows alongside its people. Professional development is a value.

What we are looking for


Proactivity is key to reaching our goals


Our strength comes from our transparency and fairness


We work in teams to improve synergy. Shared talent is what drives the company
CV screening
First interview
with HR
Second interview with Client Partner
Interview with Top Management
CV screening

Analysis and evaluation of work experience, education, knowledge of programming languages and certifications.

First interview with HR

Further details on the candidate’s work experience, education, technical skills and soft skills, which should be aligned with, and conform to, the values of RAD Informatica

Second interview with Client Partner

Technical interview with the Client Partner to analyse the technical skills of the candidate and his/her suitability for the position offered as well as the administration of a test. A Technical Leader will also be present during the interview in order to conduct an in-depth analysis of the technical, functional and methodological skills of the candidate.

Interview with Top Management

Management likes to take the time to personally meet each candidate that will become a member of RAD Informatica team.