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In November, Piteco Group takes control over RAD Informatica. The Group covers the entire software development and implementation chain for the Industry, Finance and Banking markets in the AFC area. The Piteco Group has 4 operating offices in Italy – Milan, Padua, Turin and Rome – an office in Wichita, KS, US, one in Switzerland and 160 highly qualified professionals.


Launch of the new version of EPC 6.0 with improved graphics and innovative features..


Following the significant developments in non-performing loan trading in Italy and the growing importance of Master Servicers, EPC Master is created, which in turn launches the first project in collaboration with one of the main Italian Master Servicers.


RAD Informatica further strengthens its position on the market and the company becomes the leading supplier of the 10 most important banking groups in Italy.


In order to meet the needs of an increasing number of clients and expand the market of potential clients, two new products are created. EPC Factoring, dedicated to the management of debts arising from factoring operations, and EPC Consumer Credit & Utilities, dedicated to debt recovery of smaller amounts.


Launch of the first EPA implementation project within the main Italian insurance group.


To expand into new markets, the RAD Research and Development Team designs and creates a product for the insurance market focused on the management of litigation against financial institutions. The product is called EPA (Ex Parte Assicuratoris) and is a powerful, highly automated monitoring tool for the management of litigations against financial institutions.


Launch of the first project using the integrated EPC + CreNoPe suite for the Italian branch of a large international banking client.


A new team of accountants specialised in non-performing loans becomes part of RAD and through their know-how and skills, the first RAD accounting product is launched on the market, CreNoPE (Credit not performing). The software is created with native integration with EPC, thus allowing RAD to offer a complete and integrated suite for both the operational and accounting management of non-performing loans.


Launch of the first project in the field of leasing with a major bank specialised in such contracts.


Creation of EPC Leasing, the second RAD product. This is the result of extensive experience in leasing contract management, combined with the hard work of the company’s Research and Development team. This software is characterised by its specialisation in the management of debt recovery arising from leasing contracts and management of the related goods.

2001 - 2006

EPC is used by the main banking groups in Italy for the management of bad debt litigation, which strengthens the company’s position.


Launch of the first major project for one of the main Servicers in Italy.


RAD Informatica is founded with the aim of creating software dedicated to the management of debt recovery through litigation in the banking sector.